Independent Living Skills

Do You Want To...

  • Interact more with others and make new friends!
  • Build confidence in yourself!
  • Participate in a mutual support network to share your ideas, experiences, and knowledge with others!
  • Learn more about and participate in leisure & recreation activities in and around Austin!
  • Gain skills that will assist you in becoming more independent now and after graduation from High School!
  • Learn more about the various support systems and training available to assist you now and upon graduation from High School!
  • Learn how to access the transportation system!
  • Get in shape and learn about health and wellness!

To live independently requires a certain set of “Independent Living Skills”

Who taught you how to:

use a checkbook

live on a budget

the art of grocery shopping


IL Skills also includes “coping” with your disability, or a loved one's disability.

Contact ARCIL to attend Independent Living Skills classes at a location near you!