ARCIL Mission Statement

ARCIL is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement and full participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life.


ARCIL History

ARCIL (A Resource Center for Independent Living), founded in 1979 as a service project of Mobility Impaired Grappling Hurdles Together (MIGHT), was incorporated separately in 1982. MIGHT, a cross-disability consumer organization, was founded in 1971 by concerned persons with disabilities to address independent living needs. MIGHT concluded that to meet requests for independent living services by persons with disabilities, Austin needed a professionally operated community-based agency offering a myriad of services. ARCIL meets the definition of an independent living center as defined in Section 725 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

ARCIL is a consumer-driven, community-based, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the empowerment of persons with disabilities to achieve maximum independence and equal community access. Services are developed, directed, and delivered primarily by persons with disabilities. ARCIL contributes to the development and improvement of attitudes, resources, methodologies, and opportunities for community integration.

Historically, ARCIL has developed programs that provide services in information & referral, peer counseling, independent living skills training, and advocacy. Other ARCIL services are in the areas of transition services from school to adult life, transportation training, employment assistance, community education through ADA technical assistance, and disability awareness training.

ARCIL established a second office in San Marcos, Texas in October 1992 to provide services to persons with disabilities living in rural communities, and opened a third office in Round Rock, Texas in October 2000 to serve rural communities in Williamson County. ARCIL established ARCIL Graphics in September 1996 to provide graphic design and fiery printing services to ARCIL, Inc., it's satellites, and the community, producing program income to support ARCIL services.

Some past ARCIL programs include Employment, job coaching, SAS, HH, CLASS, Justice Now, Career Development, SEDL, Transition Services, etc. ARCIL is always striving to find funding and resources to provide needed services to persons with disabilities.