The Texas House and Senate have passed their budgets and now are in conference committee to finalize the budget for the State of Texas for 2024 through 2025.

The Senate version of the budget includes an over 40% increase in attendant wages.

The bill has passed the Senate side and will now go to the Conference Committee, to finalize the budget for the State of Texas, for 2024 through 2025.

Act Now and call the Committee Members below to let them know where you stand in relation to increased wages for attendants in Texas who provide attendant services for people with disabilities.

If you have an opinion Call:

Senate Finance Chairwoman Huffman at: 512-463-0117
Senator Kolkhorst, Article 2, at 512-463-0118
House Appropriations Chairman Bonnen at 512-463-0729
Representative Jacey Jetton, Article 2, at 512-463-0710
House Speaker Phelan, 512-463-1000
Lt. Governor Patrick, 512-463-0001

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