San Marcos Independent Living Skills Coordinator Job Description



POSITION TITLE:      Independent Living Skills Coordinator

DEPARTMENT:         ARCIL San Marcos

WORK HOURS:       36 per week

STATUS:                    Salaried Non–exempt:

SALARY:                   $21.37 per hour

DATE REVIEWED:  August 23, 2021


Position Description:   

To provide independent living services to people with disabilities. A valid Texas Driver's license and transportation are required in the performance of job duties.  


Duties and Responsibilities:

A.     Outreach and Development

  • Coordinate Independent Living Services on an individual and group basis to people with disabilities; make referrals; make home visits; set goals with participants; work with people with disabilities on completion of goals; support people with disabilities in areas requiring advocacy; make referrals to other organizations as needed; work with families of participants when appropriate.
  • Coordinate and present information about ARCIL services to individuals and groups.

B.     Education

  • Assist in Advocacy for the collective needs of people with disabilities.
  • Work with advocacy groups within the ARCIL service area.
  • Participate with boards and committees to increase awareness of disability issues.
  • Write letters, provide testimony, and educate Elected Officials concerning proposed ordinances, regulations, or legislation affecting people with disabilities.
  • Track and educate disability advocates, other staff, and the public about current legislation and events.
  • Assist in planning awareness events, such as Town Hall Meetings and Rallies.

C.     Other

  • Provide CARES Act services to people with disabilities.
  • Document services are provided according to policies and procedures.  Maintain objective, clear, and concise records of contacts in participant's file; solicit needed information from consumers for program evaluation and reporting purposes; record completed requests for information.


Position Requirements:

A.     Essential job functions

  • Ability to counsel and listen to the concerns of people with disabilities.
  • Ability to assist people with disabilities plan, and achieving personal goals.
  • Knowledge of community‑based services available to people with disabilities.
  • Knowledge of general laws and regulations providing rights and benefits to persons with disabilities.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the philosophy and goals of the independent living/disability rights movement.
  • Ability to express ideas clearly in both written and oral communications.
  • Ability to analyze proposed legislation, and regulations ordinances for purposes of determining the effect on the lives of persons with disabilities.
  • Knowledge of specific topics concerning disability, such as architectural accessibility, housing, transportation, personal care, employment, etc.
  • Presentation skills
  • Ability to develop effective advocacy skills in people with disabilities.

B.     Minimum Qualifications

  • Degree in a field related to Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling
  • Prefer personal experience with a disability
  • Two years of experience working with people with disabilities.  Will substitute for a related degree.
  • Ability to understand and commit to the independent living philosophy movement.


Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Bilingual (English – Spanish)
  2. American Sign Language.