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Vote for Access coming soon - can you help us reach out?

Check out the video trailer on YouTube for a sneak peek.

Vote for Access is a series of five short advocacy videos on the barriers that many disabled voters still face when trying to vote. We will launch one a week every Wednesday on Facebook starting April 29. We will also post about shorter versions of the video on Twitter and Instagram. Soon after the initial launch of each video, they will be on YouTube and embedded on our website,  

This non-partisan project is produced by Rooted in Rights and Block by Block Creative, in collaboration with Disability Rights Texas and several other Protection and Advocacy agencies across the country. Our goal is to push for better resources, funding, and awareness to improve accessibility and outreach for disabled voters.

Each episode showcases a specific issue that directly impacts voters with disabilities: attitudinal barriers, access to information, access to the polls, access to alternative voting options, and voter suppression. Our host, Imani Barbarin, introduces considerations that often aren’t included in conversations about voting rights. Imani is joined by 16 guests from around the country who speak to their experiences as voters, poll workers, and researchers who can help us understand a better way to ensure equality at the polls.